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The Smoothie Diet is a 5-week regimen intended to help individuals reach their health and weight reduction objectives by consuming smoothies prepared with full, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. Before grabbing your favourite smoothie from a smoothie bar or buying a pre-made version from the supermarket, health experts recommend making all of your smoothies at home using actual ingredients in order to get the nutritional advantages that will support your objectives. This is due to the fact that many other versions, although seeming healthy, are loaded with preservatives, poisons, chemicals, and sugar. Unfortunately, creating your own smoothies every day may require some effort, preparation, and organisation.

The Smoothie Diet takes care of all of that and organises all of the information, methods, recipes, and ingredients into an easy-to-follow 5-week regimen that you can start sucking the benefits of immediately.

What is The Smoothie Diet?

Smoothies may be a good method to reduce weight, but they must be prepared from whole fruits and vegetables at home, according to health experts. The Smoothie Diet is an online programme that teaches individuals how to utilise tasty smoothie recipes to meet their health and weight reduction objectives. It is a thorough programme that places a strong emphasis on the quality of ingredients to ensure that you obtain all of the minerals, vitamins, and other helpful elements, as opposed to the sugar and trash that is often included in store-bought smoothies.

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The Smoothie Diet teaches you the significance and advantages of utilising complete fruits and vegetables to alter your life, health, and weight, without requiring you to engage in strenuous exercise and restricted eating. Then, it shows you how to integrate your newly acquired information to begin reaping all of the benefits. But there’s more. The Smoothie Diet is infused with professional nutritional advice and guidance that not only teaches you how to use smoothies, but also organises everything into a 5-week plan, pre-made grocery lists, a smoothie schedule, journals, meals, and more, so that you can easily implement everything you’ve learned.

Here’s a basic overview of what the programme includes:

  • Main Guide
  • Smooth Timetable
  • Shopping Lists
  • Recipe Cards
  • Everyday Journal
  • Healthy Dietary Guidelines
  • Workout Program
  • Smoothie Dishes
  • Recipes for Diabetes-Friendly Smoothies
  • Recipes for Gluten-Free Smoothies
  • Smoothies for Children

All of information is immediately accessible upon purchase, since the instructions are digital. To keep on track and dedicated to the plan, you may download the programme directly into your own electronic devices and access it at any time, anywhere. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to evaluate the smoothies’ taste, nutritional value, and health benefits without risk.

Who Developed the Smoothie Diet Plan?

Drew Sgoutos, a nutritional specialist and certified health coach, is the author of The Smoothie Diet. Drew specialises in assisting individuals to enhance their life via nutritional advice that does not include daily intensive exercising and dieting. His healthful, practical, and sustainable approach, which is mostly centred on consuming actual products, is much sought after.

The Smoothie Diet Program Overview

The Smoothie Diet is a thorough programme that instructs you on how to utilise smoothies in a healthy manner to meet your health and weight reduction objectives. It emphasises producing smoothies at home with entire fruits and veggies to guarantee that you get all of the necessary and desired nutrients, with none of the sugary garbage and chemicals. It includes a wealth of guidance from a professional health coach and a nutrition coach that walks you through the process of learning and executing the smoothie method given.

The programme comes with one primary handbook that covers all you need to know, including how to choose the correct ingredients, blender, and nutritious snacks, among other topics. In addition, it comes with a number of other guides that give you with further information, assistance, recipes, grocery shopping lists, printable recipe cards, daily diet diaries, fitness trackers, and workout plans, among other things.

Here is a closer look at each component:

  • Main Guide
  • Fat Burning 101
  • A Glance at the American Health Crisis
  • Principal Causes of the Obesity Epidemic
  • Extra-Large Portions
  • The Common American Diet
  • You Don’t Fail Your Diets: Your Diets Fail You
  • Dietary Fat – Friend or Foe?
  • The Smoothie Diet in comparison to Other Smoothie-Type Diets
  • Plant Energy
  • Understanding Superfoods
  • Compared to Other Diets,
  • Description of the Program
  • Don’t Forget: Daily Physical Activity
  • Smoothie Primers
  • How to Decide on a Blender
  • Where to Purchase a Blender
  • Selecting the Finest Fruits and Vegetables
  • Fruits & Vegetables Storage
  • Smoothie-Making Hints and Techniques
  • Producing Smoothies
  • Maintaining Smoothies
  • What If I Am Unable To Locate The Ingredients?
  • Some Adverse Effects You Might or Might Not Experience
  • How To Diet
  • Solid Food Meal Suggestions
  • Foods You May Consume
  • Foods You May Not Consume (Except on Cheat Day)
  • Example Meals
  • Nutritious Snacks
  • The Fraud Day
  • The Main Event
  • The Smoothie Revolution in Week 1
  • Week 2: Feel The Green
  • Week 3: Launching Metabolic Enhancers
  • Week Four: Unleash the Healing Potential of Smoothies
  • Week 5: And Beyond


  • Smoothie Dishes

The primary handbook contains all the information required to understand and use the application. This contains information about fat-burning and the reasons why obesity is such a concern in the United States. It includes extensive information on healthy eating and utilising superfoods, including what superfoods are and how to utilise them. It also includes other ideas for maximising your smoothie experience, such as how to choose the best blender and what to look for. You are provided with thorough information on healthy products, meals, and snacks, as well as a five-week schedule that organises everything by day.

The software also includes a number of supplementary guides that provide more information, assistance, and recipes. Here is a brief overview of these:

  • Smooth Timetable

7 Day a Week, 5 Week Program (Sunday is a cheat day).

This 5-week plan recommends various smoothies for each day of the week and for each meal, allowing you to quickly combine the ingredients and begin the programme. This agenda corresponds to the pre-made supermarket shopping lists (mentioned below). Some days feature a smoothie recipe for a single meal, while other days offer smoothie recipes for a meal and a snack, or for two meals each day.

  • Shopping Lists

How to Navigate a Supermarket


The Smoothie Diet Review

Weekly Shopping Lists for the Program

Here you’ll discover pre-made grocery shopping lists for 5 weeks, allowing you to quickly acquire the necessary items for the smoothie programme. It is split by week, categorises the components depending on what they are, and includes the required amount. Additionally, it includes additional suggestions for navigating the grocery market.

  • Recipe Cards

This component of the software includes printable recipe cards for all recipes listed. They include a picture, serving quantities, nutritional information, and step-by-step directions. In addition, it specifies the week and meal for each smoothie according to the smoothie plan and provides an intriguing nutritional information.

  • Everyday Journal

This handbook includes diary prompts for every day of the programme. It intends to assist you in monitoring your mood, energy, digestion, and cravings, as well as your mental and physical activity levels. You may also print them!

  • Healthy Dietary Guidelines
    • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • Chapter 2: Basics of Healthy Eating
    • Chapter 3: Tips for Healthy Eating and Seven Meal Plans

After finishing the 5-week smoothie plan, this guide intends to give you with further support and direction as you continue your journey. It teaches you the fundamentals of going back to a healthy diet without compromising the benefits you’ve already accomplished. It also includes a 7-day food plan with recipes for each meal, so you can see (and taste) how your days should be structured.

  • Workout Program
  • Rapid Fat-Burning Workouts for Busy Individuals
  • Introduction
  • Beginner Workouts
  • Intermediate Exercises
  • Advanced Exercises

If you want to optimise the advantages of your new smoothie endeavour by including exercise, this book will teach you simple and efficient exercises that you can easily fit into your busy schedule. It includes numerous programmes for various fitness levels, allowing you to start where you are and graduate to more difficult activities.

  • Smoothies Friendly with Diabetes

This book contains 42 smoothie recipes suitable for diabetics. It also includes crucial information on diabetes and how these recipes may help you manage your diabetes.

  • Smoothies Gluten-Free

This book contains 42 recipes for gluten-free smoothies. In addition, it discusses celiac disease and how to begin treating it with good diet.

  • Smoothies for Children

This book, as the title implies, is filled with kid-friendly smoothie recipes that make it simple to persuade your children to start eating healthier. It includes further advice on how to increase your child’s nutritional demands and how to eat healthily in the early years.

  • The Decision

Benefits of the Program

  • The programme emphasises utilising high-quality whole fruits and vegetables in smoothies and is entirely natural.
  • It intends to instruct you on how to prepare nourishing and tasty smoothies that assist your health and weight reduction objectives.
  • With premade grocery shopping lists, downloadable recipe cards, daily notebooks, a healthy eating guide, and an exercise schedule, the process is simplified.
  • Certified health coaches and nutrition coaches offer you with a wealth of knowledge.
  • Include many supplementary guides with more information and recipes.
  • There are gluten-free, kid-friendly, and diabetes-friendly recipes accessible.
  • It includes a fitness regimen that may be utilised in conjunction with the smoothies to reach health and weight reduction objectives.
  • Digital version enables you to download the programme onto your own technology devices for access at any time and place.
  • A 60-day Money-Back Guarantee is provided.

Negative aspects of the Program

The Smoothie Diet is totally digital, allowing you to access the programme instantly and download the guidelines directly to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer so that you may use it anytime, anywhere. However, this also implies that you will not get a real package. If you prefer a printed hardcopy, you may download the manuals and print them at home or at a nearby print shop.


The Smoothie Diet is a complete online programme that gives you with all the information and recipes you need to begin achieving the nutrition, health, and weight reduction you want. In contrast to other comparable programmes, this one emphasises creating smoothies at home using full fruits and vegetables to guarantee that they are genuinely nutritious and effective. Anyone may utilise the application, including families and children, as well as those who need gluten-free or diabetes-specific guidance and recipes. It includes recipe cards, pre-made shopping lists, daily notebooks, a healthy eating guide, an exercise plan, and much more, and you can try it risk-free for two months thanks to the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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